Corporate Governance.

Legal & General is committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. In this section you will find our Corporate Governance Report for 2012 together with the reports for the subcommittees of the Board.

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Nominations Committee Report Click here PDF (94 KB)
Group Risk Committee Report Click here PDF (89 KB)

The terms of reference of these committees, along with the formal letter of appointment, can also be found below:

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Legal & General welcomes the recommendations made by Lord Davies, and believes that they mark a series of practical and achievable steps towards addressing the important issue of a stronger contribution by women in the UK's boardrooms.

It is our intention to incorporate the recommendations into our thinking on the composition of the Board. We will also be working at strengthening the representation of women among the non-board senior management cadre - the board directors of tomorrow.

We also welcome the Davies recommendations in our capacity as one of the UK's largest institutional shareholders. Our fund management arm, Legal & General Investment Management, engages actively with investee companies on a wide variety of economic, social and governance issues, and the new recommendations concerning boardroom diversity, and greater associated disclosure, provide useful additional information for evaluation of the Board.

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