ADR shares.

An American Depositary Receipt (ADR) is a receipt that is issued by a United States depositary bank that represents shares of a foreign corporation held by the bank. We use an ADR to trade our shares in the US. These may be attractive to foreign investors as they do not carry the risks associated with cross-border and cross-currency transactions, but trade just like any other stock. ADRs are quoted in US dollars, pay dividends in US dollars and trade just like the share of a US company.

Our ADR program is administered by Deutsche Bank. US investors can call Deutsche Bank toll free on +1 866 706 0509

The details of the Legal & General ADR are as follows:

Trading symbol: LGGNY
CUSIP: 52463 H 103
Exchange: OTC (Over-the-Counter)
Ratio: One Legal & General ADR is equivalent to five Legal & General ordinary shares.

ADR price quotations can be obtained from, the official website for information on OTC securities.

FAQs on Legal & General's ADR programme

Please contact your broker or Deutsche Bank for any further information on Legal & General ADRs.

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