Strategic Overview

Our Aim.

To deliver sustainable growth in cash flows to reward our shareholders and customers.

We are pursuing a strategy based around focusing the business on cash generation and return on capital metrics, growing our market leading annuity, protection and investment management franchises, transforming and modernising our savings business and diversifying our international portfolio.

We have made substantial progress in the execution of this strategy although there are still considerable opportunities for Legal & General to continue to grow and deliver further value for shareholders.


Our Purpose.

Legal & General has four businesses - Risk, Savings, Investment Management and International. We are focused on producing low cost , high quality products that reflect the needs of our customers at various key stages of their lives. Our businesses operate in attractive markets.


Every Day Matters.

The decisions you make today will define your life tomorrow. It’s knowing that financial security gives people more than flashy cars and holidays.

We are here to help you plan, protect and save for the key stages of life in the most effective and beneficial way. Understanding your financial needs, pooling risk and helping society by reducing the pressure on strained public finances are at the heart of our business. This is what drives us and against which we measure ourselves.

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We believe that, as a business, we have a responsibility to take a position of leadership in broader society.

Group synergies

Our diversified businesses help the Group to deliver improved operating profits, strong credit ratings and capital efficiencies.

Group Board

Executives manage our organisation, the board governs it and we're committed to the highest standards of corporate governance.